The orange as medicinal fruit

The orange as medicinal fruit, has various uses and healing power. It is a common fact that oranges are healthy fruits.

  • But why are they so healthy?
  • And why’re they even more than vitamin C?
  • Do you know that orange has a preventive effect against cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease?
  • It is an ultimate healthy, popular fruit with a delicious flavor.
  • Moreover, it can be used in many ways in the kitchen.
  • You can smash it as a snack, you can make a juice and it can serve as a filling for a salad.


  1. Fiber, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients
  2. Brief history
  3. Orange prevents DNA damage
  4. Prevents Tropical diseases like cardiovascular disease
  5. Healing Power for diabetics
  6. Orange goes against kidney stones
  7. Orange Prevents rheumatism
  8. Tips to eat oranges

Fiber, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients
The citrus orange is highly enriched with vitamins and minerals. About 130 grams of orange is 116% of the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA). In addition, there is also a fair amount of vitamin A and vitamin B1 in the orange.The minerals which orange contains are potassium and calcium. Also, the fibers are super healthy.
There are many phytonutrients in oranges. The most notable ones are the citrus flavanones, a type of flavonoids. There are hesperetine and naringenin, anthocyanins and hydroxycinnamic acid or hydroxycinnamic acid. In addition, the orange contains a variety of polyphenols. The key phytonutrient is the flavanone herperidine. According to scientific research,herperidine prevents inflammation and lowers high blood pressure.

Brief history of Orange
The orange is originally from China and Indonesia. In Indonesia the orange is green or greenish yellow, like the lime.The fruit itself is just yellow and juicy. Through China, the fruit then moved to India and from there it spread to the Middle East. Orange is at the end of the Middle Ages in Europe made through dealers such as the Moors, Italians and Portuguese.

Orange prevents DNA damage
Free radicals cause damage to the DNA which may result in cancer. Vitamin C and all the phytonutrients ensure that free radicals are discharged from the body. Diseases in general get less opportunity to invade in the body system and the immune system gets stronger.

Scientific research has concluded that artificial vitamin C in vitamin pills which are added to all kinds of beverages does not protect the DNA. It is rather the other way round, because a high percentage of vitamin C, even with the chemical inactive variant, the body will be more inclined to the natural vitamin C from foods such as orange dirt that gets directed or drains into the bladder. In fact, in addition to artificial vitamin C, it also has an adverse effect on health and it is very special that it is permitted at all. Moreover, knowing that the artificial vitamin C that is added to beverages do not give the positive antioxidant effect of the phytonutrients in fresh fruit.

Prevent tropical cardiovascular disease
Because free radicals oxidize cholesterol ,this is a second important protection factor that Orange can offer us. Only oxidized cholesterol adhere to the vessel walls.
Vitamin C as a component of orange will prevent cholestrol from adhering to the vessel walls. In this manner, prevents arteriosclerosis and which is usually a precursor to many forms of cardiovascular disease.

A Healing Power for diabetics
Food Oranges causes the blood sugar to be regulated. Diabetic patients have this great advantage. The natural fruit sugar fructose which is a tropical fruit prevents people from having high blood sugar after meal. Incidentally, this is different from the synthesized fructose that is added to soft drinks and jams. The synthesized fructose found in the synthesized drinks is precisely one of the main reasons that people get diabetes or diabetes mellitus.

Orange Prevents kidney stones
Research has shown that those who takes half a liter of apple juice, grapefruit juice,orange juice drink once in a day significantly have less chance of getting kidney stones. Citrus Fruit is like a tonic, a tonic for the kidneys.

Orange Goes Against Rheumatism
The chance to develop rheumatoid arthritis is reduced by 50% if you drink a daily glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. Rheumatism is a tedious, painful disease that no one would like to experience. Taking a delicious glass of fresh orange juice drink once in a day is definitely not a punishment but a welcome refresher that will keep your health on several levels stable. It’s a good idea to get an electric juicer at home. Then you can make your own fresh orange juice. Also lemon juice with water, you can make them, which is also very healthy.

Tips to eating oranges
An orange is a delicious fruit in a fruit salad. A solid orange fits well with a piece of mango, apple or banana.It’s also nice to add the orange to a green salad. After the meal this fruit is an excellent choice for dessert. The fruit as a snack is a good choice and is attested that you can not avoid it in your next meal. An orange to bring to work, school is always a good idea. Eating oranges in a group is contagious because when someone smells like a peeled orange, they will also want to have one.