The 5 benefits of abdominal breathing against stress

abdominal breathing against stress
Breathing is a banal, natural act that we do without thinking. However there are two types of breathing: chest breathing and abdominal breathing exercise.
And these two distinct “breaths” also have different effects on our physiology and psyche. The first one tends to annoy us, the second to calm us down.
We will see how.

  • While chest breathing tends to increase symptoms of stress including accelerating heart rate, abdominal breathing has calming virtues: the heart automatically slows down.
    This is also the breath we use naturally when we sleep and when we are relaxed in general.
  • The stress we experience each day tends to make our chest breathing superficial. As a result, we lack of tone because our blood is not sufficiently oxygenated and we do not properly reject the gaseous waste of our body. Abdominal breathing is deeper and allows us to overcome these two problems.
  • Breathing well also helps to relax the muscles, because, once again, our body rejects the waste better and enjoys better oxygenation. It is not for nothing that breathing is at the center of disciplines that combine physics and spirit such as yoga, mindfulness meditation, etc.
  • Improving your abdominal breathing in a conscious way allows you to better live the present moment. Indeed, when we do a breathing exercise, we isolate ourselves, we calm down, we take time for ourselves. This welcome break is already a good thing to fight against stress: it helps to get away from everyday life, to get out the head of the handlebars … to better focus later! Breathing well improves concentration.
  • Abdominal breathing has many other benefits that are not directly related to stress management: by breathing better, we strengthen our abdominal strap. It also allows us to better stamp and project our voice, and thus to make it more intelligible (actors in the theater must make breathing exercises).