How to Prepare a brilliant BBQ recipes this Summer


  • Summer means outdoor eating and so it is the time to make your barbecue clean.
  • For a brilliant clean barbecue follow these simple tips.
  • The days are getting longer and it is almost time for stabbing the barbecue and invite friends and family for a wonderful summer full dinners in the open air!
  • Often people eat anyway in a beautiful summer day because there is so much fuss  involved in outdoor cooking, so here are some tips to get you started with a clean barbecue.


The preparation Process

First, make sure that you have removed all food scraps from the grill and put it on the highest setting. If you have a charcoal grill, add fresh coals to make it as hot as possible. Let the grill for 20 minutes with the lid closed so that all fires leftovers off glow with it. Turn off and let cool. If you have a charcoal grill throw the axes
on bare soil in the garden instead of in the trash.

The grill :
Remove the cooking grids carefully as they are cooled. Add a few drops of Dreft Platinum to some warm water and scrub the grates with a wire brush. Dreft Platinum is three times faster in difficult and burned residue so you do not have to scrub really hard because this may damage the grid. When they are completely clean rinse them off and dry them thoroughly. Brush the grill rack now with a very thin layer of vegetable oil to prevent rust.

The drip tray:
Scrape off excess fat above the trash instead of clogging up the sink because of fat. When the worst grease from the drip tray has been removed, you can add a few drops of Dreft Platinum and a kettle of boiling water. Let it soak for about ten minutes. After the tank had been soaked sufficiently, rinse it just under a hot tap.
Make sure you clean the drip tray after each use so that the last major cleaning at the end of the summer will not be too bad. A super handy tip is to put some aluminum foil at the bottom of the drip tray which you can throw away after each use.

The lid:
Barbecue fumes linger in the lid during cooking and leave a sticky layer of fat behind. To quickly abolish it simply get a drop of Dreft Platinum in a hot, damp cloth with which you can wipe the inside of the lid. If there are remaining places, you can barbeque another 20 minutes to light. When it has cooled down, you can still clean again with
the damp cloth going over.

At the end of the summer, and when it’s time to put away the grill again until the following year to give it a good wash and mount it or put it under a waterproof cover for outdoor barbecues.