5 tips to increase your intelligence

5 tips to increase your intelligence
Eating chocolate, doing crossword puzzles, sleeping properly and eliminating negative thoughts from your mind are some key tips to stimulate your mind.

Scientists from the University of Pennsylvania showed that motivation favors the results obtained because intelligence would not depend solely on the intelligent quotient (IQ).

To reach these conclusions, the team offered a sum of money (less than $ 10 in one case, and greater in another) to two groups of children who were going to be tested. Their scores showed a variation of 0.64, which would be equivalent to almost 10 points over 100 in the scale of the test. On the other hand, the IQ of children who had received a higher monetary reward increased by up to 20 points , compared to the slight increase in the children of the other group.

Surprising, is not it? In addition, apart from motivation there are also other tips to improve IQ. Next, we present you 5 of them.

  1. Eat chocolate

One study revealed that the countries that obtained the most Nobel prizes were those that also produced the most cocoa. The research, published in the prestigious medical journal “The New England Journal of Medicine”, places Switzerland at the top of the ranking. They are followed by Swedes and Danes, high consumers of cocoa.

  1. Do crossword puzzles and sudoku

The brain is a muscle, and as such, it must be stimulated. To do this, you can perform crossword puzzles and sudoku in order to exercise the left hemisphere of the brain. This one is in charge of the motor part and the associations, so the more you exercise your mind, the more circuits of neurons you will use and this will increase your intelligence.

  1. Sleep well

Several studies show that sleep deprivation attacks intelligence. In fact, insomnia harms the brain as much as alcohol, decreasing its efficiency and performance. One way to deal with this situation is to take short naps of only 20 minutes to recompose the brain circuits, relax and lower stress, improving motor skills, creativity and memory.

  1. Do not do many things at once

Being “multitasking” does not contribute to your intelligence. On the contrary, the more simultaneous work is attempted, the worse the performance and the greater the distraction, without being able to distinguish between important and trivial information. Concentrate on one task and until you have finished it do not go to the next one.

  1. Eliminate negative thoughts

A recent study conducted in the United Kingdom showed that those with lower IQ were more likely to be unhappy than their more capable colleagues. Eliminating negative thoughts is key to increasing intelligence.