Crowns are the dental technique of restoring structure to a worn down or damaged tooth.

Crowns are the dental technique of restoring structure to a worn down or damaged tooth. Here, porcelain material is shaped like a tooth with space underneath so that it can fit over whatever portion remains of a tooth. Crowns used to be a multiple day affair where patients had to go to the dentist and have a mould taken of their teeth. This would then be sent to a laboratory for the dental crown to be made. In 2 weeks the patient would return to get it fitted. A follow up visit would then also be required to ensure that the fit is correct. A few dentists have updated to CEREC one day crowns. This allows them to be in charge of the entire system right from start to finish and also for the crown to be made at once. Besides the time factor, one day crowns have a host of other benefits. It is much cheaper since patients would only need one trip to the dentist and therefore consultation fees need only be paid once.


It also means no extra time being taken out from work so no loss of income there. Then there is the comfort factor to consider with regard to one day crowns. The normal method where the patient would have to come back means that a temporary crown has to be used which is quite uncomfortable as it does tend to fall out a bit. The fit of one day crowns is an exact specification of what is given from the impression mould. This makes the fit perfect and negating the need for a backup visit to the dentist. One day crowns are made from porcelain ceramic material. These are just as strong as natural teeth and will last for decades to come. There is also the factor of them not decaying making for ample long wear time to last for decades to come. The strength of one day crowns is much stronger than that of traditional crowns because of this as well. One day crowns are a way of saving whatever little bit of tooth you have remaining.

One day crowns can be used for various scenarios and is an instant fix. The first would be for whitening purposes. Teeth whitening would not be the only option forward for discoloured teeth. Only a small portion of the entire tooth need be removed to place one day crowns. The crowns can be made into any colour that the patient desires and the brightness of crowns will remain the same since they do not stain. There is no maintenance that needs to be done in follow up years. Fixing ill shaped teeth is also made easier. Usually the only course forward would be orthodontic intervention. Withone day crowns, this becomes an immediate fix. A crown will be made to fit over the teeth where the gap is situated. It is made so that it will not only cover up the tooth but the gapped portion as well, hence the immediate cover up.